Coming up on the registration deadline for Tir-na Nog'th virtual diceless roleplaying con - 5th of July.

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We're all trapped at home by the plague, but fear not!

The Ambercon NI organisers have spun up a virtual con for us:

Tir-na Nog’th Con

The Game Book:

The signup sheet:

Back from ACNI 2020. Now I just need to marshal all the quotes into some semblance of order…

ACNI Character thread.

Post your character pictures (or other illustrations here)

@Alchesterlest Just use one of the knives to pin each arm. That should help sort them out faster.

ACNI Quotes Thread.

Reply to this with game quotes - remember to say which game and which character.

@AndyR Batman's feeling the heat right now. Captain Polar Bear will have to do it.

@AndyR New plan. Jet-ski crossbow raiding party on whatshername's yacht.

@AndyR I mean the guy made it 94% of the way there, although I kind of want to know what the crossbow was for.

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