Coming up on the registration deadline for Tir-na Nog'th virtual diceless roleplaying con - 5th of July.

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We're all trapped at home by the plague, but fear not!

The Ambercon NI organisers have spun up a virtual con for us:

Tir-na Nog’th Con

The Game Book:

The signup sheet:

Back from ACNI 2020. Now I just need to marshal all the quotes into some semblance of order…

ACNI Character thread.

Post your character pictures (or other illustrations here)

ACNI Quotes Thread.

Reply to this with game quotes - remember to say which game and which character.

Quotes from Ambercon UK:

"Shouldn't you be in disguise?"

"I am in disguise. I'm not wearing the batman mask. The police are looking for batman."

Arrived. Time to take a nap and finalise my game.

If I keep my distance and don't talk much it's because I have sore throat and might be infectious. You have been warned.

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